“Hakuna Matata what a wonderful phrase” … and a real one … i did not know that until i travelled to Kenya … and it means ” no problem” in Swahili … 
I left to volunteer in the city of Nakuru …. 3 hrs from Nairobi (the capital city) …Upon my arrival to Nairobi i was greeted by a relative of the hosting family who drove me to a nearby hotel since it was too late to travel to Nakuru … now the hotel was not on the agenda but since my flight got delayed i had to stay in one … and it wasn’t the best experience  i had … I admit that at the moment i was thinking “WHY did i come here!” …. however the next morning everything changed … i got up early picked my backpack and left to the nearby local market to take the Matata (mini bus) to Nakuru… The journey was not very comfortable since it was mostly off-road … but the view was amazing…

Kenya has a beautiful nature from its lakes and valleys to its wild life … it was strange to see some of the animals (that we usually go to the zoo to see) walking around the people everywhere …

In Nakuru i was greeted by Alex (my hosting family) who took me to his home in London (not the one in the UK) … it was a nice bungalow in the slum area of Nakuru … i met his wonderful family .. his wife Patricia and his two kids and i was given a small room (known as “molhaq” in the local Kuwaiti dictionary) with another volunteer from Scotland… I will talk more about Nakuru.. the project … and the Safari in a later post…

For those interested in making this trip or similar you can check with STA travel … the travel agency that i booked this trip with and they cater to a youngish generation so its good to travel with like-minded people …. they also have a range of volunteer projects … the one i went on was the “building community in Nakuru” which involved building schools for unprivileged children …

Summary of Info:    (travel agency)   (the company organizing the volunteer projects and responsible for you during the trip … they can also book any safari trips for you)

– you will need to take some shots depending on your prev. vaccine history

– you will need to take some malaria pills which will make you sick the first few days only

I will talk more about this trip in the next post…. Coming soon!


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