Nakuru is the third largest city in Kenya after Nairobi and Mombasa and it’s about 3hrs drive from Nairobi … the city centre is not that big actually … and most of the areas around it is residential … there is one hotel that is considered 5* and that was mostly where we hanged out after work … 

The house i stayed in was a bungalow house few minutes away from the centre and a minute or two walk to the slums (the area where the waste was dumped) …. i usually get a tuktuk or a bike to take me from the centre to the main alley that leads to the house and continue the rest of my journey on foot …and a very interesting journey since nearly most of the children in the are would come and jump and try to play with you … 

Our house was on a small hill (sorta) so the view was really nice … unfortunately the downside was the polluted air and smell in the area… 

Just around the outskirts of the city … there’s a beautiful lake known as the lake Nakuru … and a nice national park where we enjoyed an early day safari … what makes this lake spectacular was the endless lines of flamingos …

The weather was mostly hot, rainy and a bit humid at the time … but there were really good days …

the city center

the view from the house

my bed 

I loved my experience in Nakuru …. i enjoyed the company of the people … and mostly the local markets ( but you really need to know how to bargain!)

Inshallah more to come on the volunteer project in the next post….


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