Building project, Nakuru|Kenya

The Slums of Nakuru is highly populated with a high number of homeless children… Alex (from my homestay family) runs the community projects in that area and working with i-2-i organization … his aim is to build a school to take the kids from the streets into a safer environment…  

After my arrival to Alex’s home and meeting his lovely family … and his beautiful baby daughter who loves to giggle … I left to meet the other volunteers who were already working the on building a house near the slums for a 25yrs old woman and a mother of 5 kids ….

We all travelled from different directions to the same location and for one purpose .. it was nice to meet the other volunteers from Canada and the UK mainly … some have been there for months and others are planning to stay for 5 months…. kudos for such dedicated people …

The house that was built was very simple… from tree branches and stones and barely 2mx3m … but it meant so much for the woman and her kids … “I will sleep like a Queen tonight” … those were the words she said (and translated to us)…

The Woman and her family after completing the house

We start our day by a good breakfast prepared ( although i can’t quite remember what it was) … we would then walk to our project (the community school) and meet with other volunteers (since we’re not all staying at the same place) …. then its off to work! …. to really sum up our daily task: furniture …joking.. and having fun! 

moving furniture into the new classrooms

the school kids

Back at Alex’s house we would have our dinner cooked in a big pot outside …  cooked vegetables with fried bread (like chabati) … and actually it tastes good .. during Lunch we usually go to the city center for some burger and fries (although i stopped that after a bad stomach episode)…. yeah and if your planning to go there make sure to get your water from any local supermarket …BOTTLED and SEALED!

One of the highlights of my stay in Nakuru was the kids in the neighbourhood… they would gather around you and tell you jokes and practice their english … they would shout Mzongo (which means white person !!!) … however , it does get tiring after a while … 🙂

I was lucky to see some of the kids move into the classes before leaving Nakuru …. they were so happy to have a new blackboard and a bigger yard to play in…. 

My stay in Nakuru was very short … and was over so quickly …  i did not give those kids as much as they gave me …. The living situation is not the best … the education is weak and the healthcare is even worse … it’s not very safe either …. and yes they do need help … but these kids are HAPPY … they really are … full of joy and energy and they have big dreams (specially the football players) … 

The privilege of having more and seeing more … makes us (at least me) lose the small things in life .. and our life seems more demanding and full of responsibilities … although i may have not completely changed … but this trip really made me appreciate more of what i have … specially the small things 

After my return to Kuwait … my good friends in here were able to collect some clothing and send them to the kids in Kenya… Oh! and I found this photo of  the school on one of the pages of a volunteer who visited the school  few months after my trip …


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  2. meme

    do u think of going there again?

    August 29, 2010 at 4:36 pm

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