the Big 5|A Masai Mara Safari

For those not familiar with the big 5 … it refers to 5 animals that you want to spot on an African Safari … the Lion..the leopard..the elephant..the white rhino..and the buffalo

The Masai Mara National reserve is one of the largest and most famous safari park in Africa … it takes its name from its people … the Masai tribe.. and it extends from Kenya to Tanzania..

Making the journey to the Masai Mara is not easy … but exciting … it’s a 7hrs ride from Nairobi … most of which is off-road … and not recommended for those with motion sickness .. off course you can pay extra bucks and fly directly from Nairobi… but you’ll miss the excitement of the road…

Initially we were supposed to camp in the national park … but thanks to the long hours and our late arrival … our good friends from the africantravelco upgraded us to much nicer and private tents…

We barely had time to cook dinner .. gather around the fire .. eat .. clean up and sleep .. we had to wake up at sunrise to make the most of the safari …

[seconds before sunrise] I woke up desperately looking for the toilets at the end of the camp … and few meters away i spotted two red dots..blinking dots..obviously i turned around and headed back to my tent .. well when there was enough light to see around .. it turned out that it was a Hyena .. and according to our guide .. they are harmless since they are more scared of you than you of them … I doubt it ..

1) on the way back to camp with the Masai    2)   the Masai village

    3) spotted 1/5             4)  Masai Mara

      5)  hunting process     6)  2/5 (it’s a lion incase ur wondering)

   7)  spotted 3/5            8)   my tent

National parks or reserves in Africa are different from those in the states that I’ve been to … there are no paved roads and its kept in its natural state …well almost … this is good since it keeps its authenticity … and bad since the drive is not very comfortable and there are chances that you’ll not be able to spot the wild life… but we’ve been lucky … the weather was really good and we got to see many of the animals even the tough to spot ones … i enjoyed the elephants the most as they crossed our path …delaying our safari a bit … we also got the chance to see a hunting process: three Cheeta’s planning to hunt a group of gazelle and zebras … unfortantley we ruined their plans by causing some noises …

Midday we went to visit the Masai village where the Masai tribe live … their homes are very well designed and built from mud and tree branches … the Women are the Architects and builders while the Men protect and hunt … They welcomed us with a local song and a tour around the village …. since they expect many visitors they have many interesting homemade stuff and artifacts to buy ( you need a trusted local guide to bargain or else you’ll pay much more than you should … but still cheaper than i’ve seen them being sold in here) 

After our tour guide dropped us and left … the Masai walked us back to camp … about 30 mins walk … to protectu us from any unexpected attacks by wild animals …. it was a nerve-racking walk … but fun too!

The sky at night was the purest I’ve ever seen … you can see so many sparkling stars … it is so beautiful … we danced around the fires had dinner and went to sleep … next day we headed back to Nairobi…

The journey as a whole was one that i would not forget … from the places i’ve been to … the people i got the chance to meet ..local and foreigners… and off course the kids…

useful info:     (the company that i booked the Safari with through i-to-i… what is interesting about them is that they do trips that lasts 45 days from Kenya to South Africa and you get the choice to pick your days from that trip … for example i joined the group for 3 days in Kenya … and some joined for 35 days and were planning to get off somewhere throughout the journey to South Africa)

Check with your doctor what health prep you require …. Malaria pills are a must!

Mosquito repellent

Some snacks … although it’s not a must

Tipping money

Camera ….. sooooooo many good photo opportunities


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