escape: Salalah|Oman

So, I thought i’d add this section on quick and short trips …

If you were planning for a weekend escape … let me recommend the city of Salalah in Oman… This few hours trip south will put you in a better mood for the rest of the week… As for me it was a 16 hours trip by bus from Dubai to Oman … and i don’t recommend it to anyone .. it’s too long .. and most of the trip was at night so you don’t get to see anything …but if you have a good sense of humor … this journey will sure give you lots of funny stories to tell …

For those who have been .. or heard about .. Salalah .. then you know that the best time to visit is around July and August .. our Summer is their “Khareef” …and you’ll get to experience a greener and misty Salalah … However.. my trip was during December .. and i got to enjoy a different side of Salalah … the Beach!


Salalah city is typical to many small cities in the gulf and personally speaking there’s nothing much to do … however, it’s what surrounds the city that counts … Salalah has a beautiful nature .. waterfalls..caves..mountains … lakes and so on … and it has a unique tropical feel unlike anywhere in the gulf…(not going in details since this is a quick post)

Anyway … if you’re up for a unique escape then here are my tips:

Rent a 4×4 (I rented from AVIS and had a good experience with them)…. the best way to explore Salalah is by a good map that you can get anywhere ( … a good navigator buddy .. and a 4×4 … having a car gives you the option to explore places at your own time and some areas that tourists may not go to …

Camping gear…. if you can get a friend or two with you then i strongly recommend camping … Salalah is full of great camping sites … you can pack your tent and sleeping bags..lights … and a small cooker (for tea and coffee) … or if your lazy then you can buy all your food from the local supermarket …(but check the weather to see what sort of sleeping bag you need) … there are public facilities too in some areas …

Good trekking shoes…. comfortable ones

First Aid kit …. better “safe” than sorry 

Camera… take lots of pics

There is a good off-road book by explorer that lists all the camping sites … places worth visiting .. gas stations .. restricted areas Oman…. you can find it probably at amazon or any bookstore (am not sure about Kuwait) in Dubai… you can check their site :

This is a really good book for those interested in Camping or a day adventure…




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