Putting a checklist is a hassle and I am very bad at it … but thanks to my friends at intrepid travel i have a ready-made list of things to pack with some minor changes on my part …

In order to better follow the list .. i decided to break the list and create smaller groups so i can pick a day to check off all the list under the same group…

In regards to the Visa … since therez no Nepalese embassy in Kuwait the easiest and quickest way to get a visa is at the airport upon arrival (not yet verified by me)… all you need is 2 passport photos and some $$ |i’ve been told it costs $25 but just incase have enough cash( $100+) with you|

Anyways … here’s the list:

Group A

  Travel Insurance       

 Consult a doctor (for any medications or vaccination that may be required)

  Water purification tablet

Group B

Camera gears (need another 4G  memory card)

Torch (if i couldn’t find mine)

Water bottle 

Sunglass (good since i’ve been meaning to get one for a while)

Group C



Mosquito repellent

Wetwipes (for hmmm …u know wat)

Group D (already have …. just need to pack them)

Travel docs

International adapter

Camera & stuff

book hotel for extra days

Well the list goes on and on … but there are obvious things and there are things that i just don’t want to forget ..

It is also important not to pack so much stuff (for one week ) and keep a light backpack (removing anything that can be found over there)

See you in a later post!


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