Protecting yourself… or overprotecting?!

Well … as you know I am getting ready for my trip and there are few things that are on the top of my list …. one being my health!

Now wanting to travel to different places I want to keep an open mind about many things like culture , food, safety and health in general in order to enjoy any trip… but yeah, I understand that I have to be smart and realistic and take care of my health and safety…

So I went to a GP to get the minimum medications and found out that the list goes on and on…. tablets for altitude sickness, tablets for stomach infection prevention, vaccine for rabies, other vaccines (thank good i took most of them before), plus many other prevention medications….

Well, i decided not to take everything because I really want to enjoy my trip and not have to worry about  ” its pillz time!” … but I also don’t want to be sick and ruin most of my trip …. so I decided to draw the line between protecting myself and being overprotective …  the problem is… where to place the line!

See you in a later post!


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