Travel and Everything else

I am back from one of the best trips I ever had … but before i get to tell you about it i want to talk about the changes i am going to have on this blog … starting with the overall appearance.

Well i realized since I started this blog that there are many things on my mind that i wanted to share ..or at least just vent out .. that are not necessarily related to travelling … so i keep them to myself most of the time … then i realized that it’s silly to have a blog and restrict myself  by putting rules about “wat and watnot” to say (i think we have enough of those rules) and if blowing off steam was something I wanted to share so be IT!..

Well you know… I realized when I come bak from my trips … it is not the sightseeing that i wanted to talk about the most but rather the experience, change and realisations that I had…

So to keep this short … this blog is about travel and everything else … literally!


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