1KD Coke!

Have you had a 1KD coca-cola? well i did ..

In most of the restaurants i stopped at in the mountain settlements in Nepal.. i was surprised that the cost of a small bottle of coke or any soda was around 1 KD! … which was sometimes more than the actual meal..

You see.. unlike in here … coke is a luxury in the mountains … but it is not becoz of the price … its more to do with the method of transportation!


Settlements around the Everest region can reach higher than 4000m … which takes days and weeks of hiking up a rocky and steep mountains during some of the most challenging climate … there are no roads in the mountains … 

So a 1 KD Coke may sound expensive … but with all this hard work … it’s not enough..

“always appreciate what you have…but don’t stop dreaming big”


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