pages from my diaries

Here are some pieces from the diary i kept while in Nepal : (i know my grammar is bad … but apparently when am sore  it’s even worse :))


OMG wat a trek. almost 8 hrs of steep uphills mostly. it was very hard for me plus twisting my foot almost half way made me think just for a sec if i will quit! . but i didn’t. i continued the trek and i was determined and very proud that i accomplished it. although it may not have been the smartest decision. but i hope it all goes well………

……. Dear God,

today i am very proud of conquering some fears and challenging myself and my negative thoughts, and that i was able to complete this hike with one good foot. 

If i could do this and push myself  further physically and mentally there’s no reason why  i can’t push myself even further in my life. 


“sub7an Allah” on his amazing creation of the human body.. the human,the body, the mind.. “ya Rab” i was able to see how much this great body and mind can give you back if you just believe. this makes me wonder what potential do we humans have if we just set our minds. it makes me wonder how can we have this amazing creation and yet fail to use even a small percentage of what it’s capable to do. we became too lazy to believe too dependent to even try….

…. it saddens me that i don’t see many people from home having the interest to explore this planet that God created for us… i see people from all over the world and of different ages each with a story of how they saved enough money to come on this trip . yet we are blessed with having the financial opportunity but don’t have the interest to do so…..


those were some of the thoughts from my diary


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