Summer Pick1: Disney Cruise

Summer is knocking on our doors … and soon people will start fleeing ..So I want to help by posting some of my picks for some interesting summer destinations..

Now this pick is one that I have not yet experienced but heard lots of positive feedbak about and looked very fun and interesting to do …. it’s the DISNEY CRUISE!

What excites me about family cruise trips is that you get to see be in different cities and/or countries without having to go through the hassle of travel and changing hotel accommodations …it’s a moving hotel ..

The Disney Cruise seems like a wonderful place for all the family … not only for the kids.. actually I’ve been told that you can leave your kids with the Disney crew to enjoy most of the fun and activities on the ship and you and your loved ones can enjoy your own personal time ..

The most popular destination I hear about is the Caribbean … I highly recommend this or no cruise … but for most people who are seeking a closer place… there is the Disney europe line … which ranges in length from a week or two and different destinations…

you can check them out here:


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