Thoughts inside my head: Proud to be Kuw …

Thoughts inside my head: Proud to be Kuwaiti! … what does it really mean?

I met many people from different part of the world … many successful .. educated.. rich .. artistic and many others … one thing that I’ve been noticing is that many of them seem to see me “different” than “most” Kuwaitis…
me …”what do you mean different?”
others…”well you are this and that … and down to earth”

For a while this bothered me becoz i knew that they were stereotyping us and that i felt it wasn’t true since i lived most of my life in here and most of the people i knew were similar or even better than me… but after being bak i’ve started coming out of my surrounding and seeing more and interacting with more people …Kuwaitis

You see no matter how we try to tell people that “we are not like what you see ” … it is only our actions that matters … and what I saw unfortunately was absolutely true

It seems to me that the concept of being proud of something is widely missunderstood in here … with all those poorly written “watani” songs and slogans everywhere it feels that the message that is being sent is you can be proud JUST coz you are Kuwaiti … and thats wrong!

You can’t throw garbage on the streets and be …a Proud Kuwaiti
You can’t take and spend endless money that you don’t work hard for and be .. Proud to be Kuwaiti
You can’t look down upon others just becoz you are … Proud to be Kuwaiti

Unfortunately this is what I saw from most people … but this is not what I know to be true of sooo many others..

So don’t say that you are proud to be Kuwaiti.. don’t sing it .. don’t paint it … Just Do It!


One response

  1. alban

    Actions speak louder than words 😉
    you’re totally right.I’m not generalizing in here,but kuwaiti do lack some good actions.

    June 30, 2010 at 2:28 pm

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