Kathmandu: a receipe for reality

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. It is the gate to the Himalayas and a contrast to the rest of my journey in Nepal. Although i did not get to spend much time in the city that truly never sleeps i got a chance to have a quick glance of its reality. 

Kathmandu is a city that is very unique and exciting to explore… a city of many secrets and many alleys… You can never figure out what you will stumble upon every time you turn a corner… 

Since I had a wonderful experience staying at teahouses in the mountains and enjoying the basics of living… I though of having a night at a more luxurious stay in Kathmandu so i checked into the HYATT which was located next to one of the biggest Buddha shrines in the city…. what really amazed me in Nepal is that everything is in the middle of everything….. the hotel grounds were indeed a 5* experience with its lush gardens..tennis courts..golf  and relaxing pool …. a short walk thru the hotel gardens you will reach a steel gate and a guard (unlike the hotel guards we see here )… 

Me: Good morning ..Namaste 🙂

Guard: Namaste

Me: City please… this way?

Guard: yes 

(Gate Open)

It’s like you wake up from a dream .. behind this gate and behind those walls lies the reality of this city… busy narrow streets where cars, bikes, people, animals all vie for a place on this narrow road…. This is only a small part of this big city … as my two days passed i got a chance to explore more and see more and what i realized was that this city has everything all in one place … you will find many beggars on the streets of Kathmandu and many people who will hustle you but as you turn your gaze you will notice many people praying and are deep in a state of  meditation.. next to you there is the naked guy who is shameless (I say this in a very positive way) and the fully covered old women … the kid who is looking for something to eat in the trash and then the man who is providing the food to the gods… the locals and the tourists … the rich and the poor… this is a city that has no boundaries ….

I did not know what i felt at first … I was excited to experience this culture ..I love that I get the chance to do that… I was content with my life and was able to realize all the blessings I have … and this is sometimes part of the package to find yourself and appreciate what you have already … but at the same time I felt sad … I saw people who were happy… smiling.. cheerful … and I wondered how sometimes having soo much (like in here) means that you really have too little of life … because life to me is about the journey (good and bad) and the little experiences along the way…and it seems that the more we have the more we miss out on those experiences … I do believe that we are blessed with what we’re given but many times we fail to realize it and we lose ourselves and miss out on the chance to truely live our life to the fullest  …our blessings becomes our curse …. Kathmandu taught me that being rich is not necessarily having lots of money … being rich is being Happy.


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