TIME to Wake up

I was reading an article in the July 5,2010 issue of the TIME magazine titled “Living in Limbo” and it talks about the lives of asylum seekers from different part of the world fleeing their countries for a better and safer life only to find themselves waiting in refugee camps for (on average) nine years… 

One of the stories belongs to a young Afghan and his pregnant wife who fled the Taliban hoping for a better place to raise their daughter (born at the refugee camp) … This story in particular made me think of the many similar stories from different Islamic nations and in particular Iran… There are many Muslim refugees all over the world escaping a freedomless ,and in some nations, violent life ….. for those who make it they strip away from all religion and culture to seek a better life ..

I wonder… what kind of message are we, Muslims, giving to the rest of the world … how did we become synonymous with terror and violence when we were known for peace and acceptance…

I read a story in the New Yorker few days back about a Somali women who migrated to the US and denounced her religion (Islam) and became an activist against Islam … at first I was very upset… I thought that this woman condemned an entire religion based on her cultural beliefs and actions… but then again when I look around I see that this woman is just like many followers here.. made to understand and follow a religion as its been taught to her … without questions without spirituality … so she’s no different from religious “Image Seekers” who blindly follow what’s been taught to them as right and wrong and most end up as terrorist ( and i don’t mean this in alqaeda kinda terrorist) … the only different is that she did not accept it … 

Why and how did we drive ourselves to this …. how did we become this nation of hate and violence ? 

Many blame the so-called Islamist movements ( I have more to say on using such term) and many others blame the west media for always placing the spotlight on terrorists but never on the Muslims that condemn such actions … and I say maybe … but in reality we are the most to blame … we don’t raise our voice enough to be heard … we fear to speak our mind because we are terrorized by a minority … we owe it to God and Islam to condemn such acts and such thoughts … we refer to men with beards as sheikhs when in reality this is a title earned by hard work, knowledge and character not by a costume.. 

This article mad me think twice about our future here in Kuwait … politically, economically, socially and religiously … old friends are being jailed for freedom of speech.. am hearing “sickening” stories from colleagues about forced marriages.. others condemned for just being themselves … a society ganging on a woman who spoke her mind …  corrupted police…censorship..big brother is really watching …this and more makes me question WHAT will happen to this land that I once called Home … and a land that I truly Love and a religion that is part of me …  will we succeed in ending the era of terrorism … or will we end up being REFUGE somewhere on this planet? and what will we say about our beloved land and religion then?!


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