Morning Therapy

As part of my daily routine i keep a morning journal … every morning I wake up and write a page or two about anything am feeling … mostly encouraging words .. This is very therapeutic and a good way to let everything out and start a fresh day.. TRY IT

Although I believe writing to be more personal and a stress reliever , today I thought of  “Typing” here instead …(so it will be much shorter)


besme Allah alRahman AlRaheem .. today i didn’t get a chance to write early in the morning it got a bit busy but its okay .. i am writing now and its all okay …

Today is the first day of the week … it always feels good to start new and fresh … it feels like a new chance to start a new week … few things bothered me this weekend mainly due to me falling off the “diet” wagon… how did being fit became so hard … it used to be a lifestyle … but i know i can do it … i know i will do it inshallah … 

To change my diet i will change my lifestyle to a healthier one … I will continue to keep a positive attitude even if it is hard at times … let go of many things …. and be more myself …. my gym routine is working well so i will continue it inshallah until Ramadan … 

Be happy… be confident … enjoy today … shape the day as you want … when work is slow its ok to do your own work maybe read a book … don’t feel bad  about it …

Al7amdullah for my good health … for my family … for my mind… for my confidence today … looking forward for this day and for a new day..


2 responses

  1. wooow, i love the idea of the journal, i think i will start it since i love writting, thanks for inspiring 🙂

    July 4, 2010 at 1:01 pm

  2. welcome… it really is!

    July 4, 2010 at 7:15 pm

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