Free Kuwait

I renounced my interest in politics a while ago .. specifically Kuwaiti politics since i realized it had a negative impact on my attitude and outlook on life .. but living in a small community like’s hard to shut yourself completely from the political atmosphere ….

Khaled Al Fadhallah is a name thats been making a bit of a stir lately … He’s the head of the Democratic National Alliance whos been sentenced to three months in prison for .. in many people’s opinion.. freedom of speech! Khaled was not the only case ..there  was Mohammad AlJasim just a while back..

As I  said earlier that politics is not my field of interest anymore … so why am I writing this?

Well.. Khalid to all of us represents the future of our freedom our humanity and our respect …. to take that away is to take our entire existence! and that is something that no self-respecting human being can allow..

So how can we.. people of different interests, characters and intellect … do ?  my answer is: Just live your life to the fullest

If you are a writer , keep writing without censoring your thoughts … if you are a painter, paint a masterpiece as if you are painting in New york with no limitations or be in New york if you feel that it’s your calling.. dancers, designers, photographers, travellers, activists, chefs, models, bikers, riders……………….etc..

If we can live our lives believing that we are free to do so then we have succeeded …. they may not let us … but this is our fight and this will be our political statement…


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  1. Interesting! I loved this post.
    Agreed 100%

    July 5, 2010 at 10:40 am

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