Atlantis , Paradise Island

Most of us heard of the Atlantis hotel in the Palms Dubai ….. Its one of the most exciting hotels in the Middle East !

Well… I must be honest .. although I’ve been to Dubai many times (being an x-resident of the city) … the closest I’ve been to the Atlantis hotel was the  main gate ((not the inside one … the outside one)) … so I won’t talk much about it … 

But did you know that this is not the only Atlantis hotel in the world? I know that many people don’t

The original Atlantis hotel is located in the Paradise Island in the Bahamas … It is much bigger than the one in Dubai and although they share many similar facilities … the Atlantis at the Bahamas also has a small promenade, golf, casino and beautiful white sand beaches!

The Bahamas is a family destination for those looking for relaxing, romantic or active holidays and beach fun… WARNING: this is not a destination for shopping mall travelers… 

Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and the island that is home to the Atlantis hotel …  from my personal experience i recommend that families, honeymooners and friends visit this breathtaking island … you can stay and enjoy the facilities of the Atlantis hotel without spending much (on the room that is) since they have the old hotel which is cheaper in rate than the new one… you can visit their site HERE


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