I like the new restaurants and shops surfacing in Kuwait lately specially those of Kuwaitiz like: Burger Hub.B+F chains.BakingTray.Exhibition ….you get my point..

One thing that I always hoped for is to see more Arabic “Kuwaiti” brand names and logos around the city … I believe that this sets us apart from the world by giving the “visitor” a unique experience … Just think about Tokyo for example .. to me what sets this city apart from say New York (from a photo point of view) are the Japanese letters all over the city … if everything was in english it will be just another great city but may not be easily identified in a photo…

Now some may say that Arabic may not be modern enough to “represent” and appeal to the public … true… if we are talking about the outdated means of ads used by most shops (btw the neon and print ad boards need to stop)… but there are many ways to be creative , modern, and maintain a sense of identity .

Here are some calligraphy and Arabic art that I’ve found to be interesting and very modern :

Kolah Studio

Julien Breton

Alzahra Sulaiman

Laila Shawa

Hassan Massoudy

Now imagine that all the restaurants and shops in Kuwait come up Arabic logos/adds /brand names and give it a modern artistic twist it will be a truly unique and exciting city … ps. I like the ice cream painting


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