Complain vs. Complain

Com.plain:(defn.) express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event

It’s no secret that people complain a lot about everything and everyone … and it’s no secret that in the 23rd happiest country in the world (yet to be confirmed 🙂 ) there’s a whole lot of complaining going around … and based on my own observation and study there is an average of 5complaints/person/day … but the question here is “complaining” a good or a bad thing?

In my own humble opinion, I believe that there are two ways to complain; a negative way and a positive way.

What makes a negative complaint? It is when people constantly complain about things that they don’t want to change.. can’t change..or too lazy to change … complaints that are the outcome of greed.. bitterness .. envy.. selfishness ..purposeless … these are complaints that add to the problems but never become part of the solution…I must say that I’ve heard my share of these complaints …

So what is a positive complaint? It is when people complain about things that must and can be changed… when the complaining becomes part of a solution rather than the problem … when it is part of a better cause rather than just an individual … when it is a way to make a point or to raise a voice … or maybe at time just to vent out… 

So next time we feel like complaining lets take a second to see if it’s a good or a bad thing!


4 responses

  1. I am a person whose office has turned out to be complaining point for the whole department. Everyone comes in has to complain about something. By time, I have categorized people by the amount of complaining they do, category A,B,C,D, where D is for people who complain only once a week. Complaining cannot be avoided because the words that come out can be interpreted ether way. Let me put it this way, sometimes you are talking about the weather how bad it is, your not complaining, rather, stating facts, but the listener would interpret it as a complain. DO you know what I mean? Because I think I got lost here 🙂

    August 3, 2010 at 10:26 pm

    • lool … Yea I got ur point …true but sometimes people leave no room for interpretations

      August 3, 2010 at 10:32 pm

  2. the number one complaining is mostly kuwaitis practice :Pp

    August 4, 2010 at 6:55 pm

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