Dune Bashing

The desert is not all about riding camels! 

One of the funnest experiences I’ve done while in Dubai was going dune bashing .. although nature decided to surprise us with a sand storm that day we stuck to our plans and drove from Dubai towards Hatta on the Hatta-Oman road (Dubai-alAin highway).. if memory serves me correctly it should be around 45mins drive .. on that highway there must have been at least three places for ATV rental we picked the one that allowed us to leave the fenced premises (note: it is much safer to be within the premises unless you are confident enough or “selling it” (looking for that adrenaline rush) .. we got on our ATVs and headed towards the mountain like sand dunes ..  we had a hard time operating it at first and we kept sinking into the sand “our ATVS are not working properly can we change them” my friend asked the owners (or was it me?!) .. well it turned out that we had to drive them much faster to avoid sinking! 

Off we went up the sand dunes and as soon as we reached the peak it was a different world … 4x4s and ATVs everywhere.. our version of the fast and the furious..

It was an amazing day regardless of the sandstorm ..and I must recommend it for your next visit to Dubai, although preferably when the weather gets better.. I know that many hotels and tourist agents can make a booking .. but if you’re looking for hardcore, no restriction attached stuff then just get your car and drive as per my instructions above 🙂 …. remember to look for the one that will allow you to leave the premises and also make sure to have your driver license with you … and keep safe!


2 responses

  1. same experience yet in Qatar! 🙂 Was brilliant and all the adrenaline rush made us even go faster and faster.

    would love to do it again. hopefully soooooon.

    September 13, 2010 at 8:36 am

  2. Summer



    September 13, 2010 at 8:32 pm

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