It’s Time

(photosource: of me taken by friend)

I am not a person that gets excited about my birthday or even care much about getting older .. but for some reason this one was different from all other birthdays .. 

I popped in my life’s video tape (as they say although in this age it’s more like a Blue ray) and had a look at what my life’s journey had been like .. I’ve been through highs and lows, ups and downs, depressed and happy, thin and  fat and so many negatives and positives .. nothing that an average human being doesn’t go through in life… what I really found to be satisfying (in my own way) is that there’s so much that I don’t remember .. things that I am reminded of by stories or photos or a mere distant memory that doesn’t tell me much .. and I say satisfying since it’s mostly the memories that people spend time to let go of and move on from ..

Recalling my past made me understand why I am the ‘me’ now .. and showed me how blessed I’ve been even when I never realized it.. we tend to make tons of mistakes as we move on in life but we never understand how some of those mistakes have been blessings to our life and made us grow and change ourselves to be better .. I used to fear ‘failure’, now I know that failure is not about the mistakes you make but the times you never took the risk .. failure is about taking comfort in a life knowing that it’s not the life you’re meant to have .. failure is not trying new things in life and not completing it , it’s not trying in the first place .. 

Looking back at my life I realized that I had a wonderful journey unlike other journeys .. I’ve seen a lot out of this world and I’ve met people in my life .. some that I want to keep and others that I want to let go .. but all that made me the ‘me’ today

I also realized that life is full of opportunities and new starting points .. people get stuck in their daily routines and often forget their dreams so life throws new year, birthdays, anniversaries even funerals to constantly remind us to relive our dreams .. 

Yes we (I) promise ourselves every time to change to the better.. we make new year resolutions or a list after Ramadan to be more spiritual or a promise after birthdays to change .. some of us succeed in achieving them and others fail at times .. but then again that’s why we have constant reminders because what is life if we don’t always have a new hope, faith and a new promise.. when we believe that “this time it’s different”..

Well, I’ve always been a dreamer .. and although I don’t always admit or realize it .. I’ve achieved a lot of my dreams .. 

Now I am living my last year in my twenties .. and although I believe that thirties and forties and every other -ties can be a great time to follow your dreams and reinvent yourself .. to me I wanted this to be my motivation .. I wanted to get a big start on the things that I’ve been holding on and putting off.. and I must say that I am having a great start and hope to continue to the better .. 

One of the things I am VERY excited  about is starting tomorrow..I am joining the 8thwave of the 3 club experience .. I am looking forward to this and hoping that It’ll be just the change I’ve been looking for .. Biking and swimming are two things that I enjoy doing (not so excited about running though ;p ) ..

So life is full of exciting things even with all the complaining we do and the depression we go through (accept them and move on) .. always belive that ‘It’s Time’ now, no matter how many times you’ve said it before … keep on believing!


Hit and Run!

“Whoever is kind to the creatures of God, is kind to himself” Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as narrated by Bukhari and Muslim

After Wednesday’s lecture  by KSPATH about the treatment of animals in Kuwait and quoting Mahatma Gandhi’s words “you can judge a society by the way they treat their weakest members” I hope that people will have more compassion and respect to all creatures of God .. because it is indeed deeper than just caring for animals because it defines us as people inside out and our treatment to each other ..

RIP’ll be very much missed

PF Chang’s| The mystery of the missing Horses

A while ago someone posted about the missing horses outside PF chang’s Avenues .. Last weekend I had Lunch over there and I just had to ask the question .. What Happened to the Horses and why were they replaced with those trees? The manager (although am not quite sure so  lets just say he was the guy in a suit) told me that they are opening a branch in Dubai and shipped the horses over there .. It did not make sense to me at all specially that the horse is their trade mark .. I remember in the USA every branch had a big stone like horse near the entrance ..Well I told him what I’ve just said and he said that they wanted to change and liked the trees better .. so I got my answer and it was in polite terms .. don’t ask , non of your business!

while being served at the table I thought I’d give it a shot with the waiter and asked him what’s the story behind the missing horses .. he smiled .. then my friend laughed and said “ba3ad meno akeed ilbaladeyah” (translate: after who off course the municipality) .. the waiter then said to me “you got your answer” .. 

Although I already suspected that to be the reason … part of me just wished it wasn’t .. I wish that the municipality invest their time in improving our beloved country rather than continue dragging it down the drain..

Congrats|Big J

One down .. Two to go!

Let me take the time to congratulate my dearest cousin who just got married yesterday .. He is truly one of the best guys I’ve known and I am glad he found his better half .. He was the oldest bachelor of the bunch (in our family) ..we were a team supporting each others but now that he got trapped our trio is down to two.. 

Well Congrats Bro and hope you have a blast in your new life … as for me life is getting busier every second that’s why my posts are getting “slower” and I am not visiting all the blogs that I like as often as I want to … so as we say in here  “forgive me for the shortage!” 🙂

The Sleeping Pill|Solution to a 23hrs Day

My days are getting busier and busier and frankly I am finding a 24hrs/day is not enough! I wake up early in the morning and next month I have to get up before sunrise.. Work takes up most of the “good hours” after that its a quick bite and family time then personal work starts .. now that I am not following a fitness program it’s much easier since I can take a stroll or a jog anytime but soon I will be joining a program that works out daily mornings and evenings so I have to work around that time .. I try to make use of as much hours before I sleep as I can making my sleeping hours 3 to 4 which is not quite healthy..

So here’s my solution.. I want a sleeping pill that combines all the benefits of a 6 hrs sleep reduced to one hour … That means when I head back to bed at 3am I take that pill and go to sleep for one hour.. wake up at 4am feeling full of energy and all the benefits of the 6 hours sleep giving me a 23hours day…. is that too much to ask of our scientists today?

Pecha Kucha|6

I’ve been attending Pecha Kucha even since its second night and I must say its been on my favourites ever since .. This month they’re having their sixth night at the Infinite show room in Shwaikh on September 28th with a variety of interesting presenters … you can check for more info plus previous events here…. highly recommend!

The Mystery of the one missing coin

Lately I’ve been noticing that whenever I want to pay for something in exact change  I am always one coin short! … this is Alarming! it’s happening to me all the time  pence,fils,dirham … what is it about this one missing coin?!  If it was a note or two coins it wouldn’t bother me but this one coin that should complete the exact change is just a tease..

The Birthday DAD

Today is my father’s birthday .. we usually throw a small surprise birthday, but the problem is it became a birthday habit that it’s now a surprise not to have a surprise birthday 🙂 … so we became a bit creative on my mother’s birthday months back by lighting the garden with candles and prepared a small outdoor dinner just us , the candles and the moon..Oh and the cake  too..for my sister we had a big BBQ nite (in which she was more shocked and embarrased than surprised) ..for my birthday last month I caught them in action but it was a great night  anyway .. Today we did it differently .. we got a small (very small) cake and wrapped a digestive biscuit (well the story behind that is that it’s my father’s favourite biscuit and almost every year we get him a small box as a funny ..but not so funny.. gift and we end up eating it) .. when he opened his gift he actually thought that he was getting a REAL gift this year so he had a “bummed” look on his face .. but as I said this year we wanted to surprise him so we did get him a real present this time something that he was going back and forth on getting we surprised him with an IPad .. I think he liked it  but with ‘us’ it’s hard to tell since we don’t get over excited about things :p

Here’s hoping to see more birthdays and fun and healthy years with all the family… and Happy Birthday to those born today

Snapshot!|Trial and Error

“The True Method of Knowledge is Experiment”  William Blake

Snapshot!|The End of a King

My nephew was obsessed with Disney’s the Lion King so when he came to visit us in Kuwait we decided to take him to the zoo and after roaming around trying to look for th KING … instead we found this fella trying to survive the heat and the kids (wama adrak wat kinda kids :)) .. well needless to say that the image of Simba was forever shattered for the poor kid..